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Dr. Dabrowny and Frances

About Atlas Chiropractic Care

We genuinely care and we want you to get better!

After graduating from chiropractic college in 2014, Dr. Natalie Dabrowny practiced in Detroit for two years. There, she worked for her mentor Dr. Jamie Cramer. Wanting to return to her hometown of Rochester, Dr. Dabrowny moved back to our area. She opened Atlas Chiropractic Care in 2017.

Dr. Dabrowny loves serving our community with gentle and effective NUCCA chiropractic. Whether you’re seeking pain relief or wellness care we want to help you heal and live your best life!

Mission Statement

It is our mission to take care of our communities utilizing a specific and gentle NUCCA chiropractic approach to ensure optimal health for everyone.

Helping Patients in a New Way

Devoted and hard-working, Dr. Dabrowny is passionate about serving the community in a different and positive way. “I want to help people heal and feel better mentally and physically with upper cervical care,” she said. With this approach, there is no twisting, cracking or popping. It’s fulfilling for us to hear from patients that they feel amazing after getting adjusted.

Experiencing the Benefits of NUCCA

Dr. Dabrowny experienced the effects of NUCCA chiropractic when she played rugby for Palmer College of Chiropractic. She injured her neck and arm and was unable to feel her arm for a month. Dr. Dabrowny tried NUCCA after exhausting all other options and was helped within 24 hours.

A Patient Success Story

A patient came in seeking Dr. Dabrowny’s help as a last resort. The person had unexplainable aches and pains and a series of neurologic issues. They had been to different doctors but unable to get the help they needed. The doctors basically said, “We don’t know what to do with you!”

Though the patient was a bit skeptical of Dr. Dabrowny they came in for a complete evaluation, including X-rays. After the first adjustment, the person left the office crying saying they hadn’t experienced relief in years.

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