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New Patients at Atlas Chiropractic Care

receptionist handing forms to patientWelcome to Atlas Chiropractic Care! In our friendly and professional environment, you’ll quickly know you’ve come to the right place to get the healing help you need.

To save time before your appointment we recommend that you complete a few health history forms. If you prefer to fill them out in the practice please arrive 10-15 minutes early.


The First Appointment

During a new patient consultation visit, we focus on the patients’ health concerns and go through an extensive exam to see how NUCCA may be able to benefit you. Dr. Dabrowny will educate each patient on the upper cervical specific approach and do a health and postural exam to determine if you are a candidate for care. We will also have you watch a quick video that explains the NUCCA chiropractic technique and how it works.

When you meet with the doctor, you will receive a:

  • a thorough health history exam
  • a full postural exam
  • a specific set of X-rays of the head and neck
  • a surface spinal EMG scan

Please allow 45 minutes for this entire visit. There is no adjustment given at this appointment.

The Second Appointment

At this appointment you will have your first NUCCA chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Dabrowny will have read all of the X-rays and analyzed the findings from your first appointment. One or two post X-Rays will be taken and analyzed immediately after your adjustment. She will then explain what to expect over the course of your care and answer any additional questions you may have.

This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Regular Visits and Assesments

When you come in for your follow-up appointments, Dr. Dabrowny will check your aligment and evaluate your condition. Based on these findings, she will discuss your course of care. A re-assessment will be done 4-6 weeks after your first adjustment to see your overall progress. It’s important to know that it doesn’t take long for Dr. Dabrowny to deliver an effective adjustment.

Book an Appointment

Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and see how NUCCA may help you!

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